It is Our Mission to Produce Lifelong Learners

Dulles School of Excellence will fully prepare our scholars for college and the work force by providing a safe, rigorous learning environment with high expectations for all. We will partner with our community and families to ensure that our scholars are able to exceed standards and not just meet them. As a learning community we will work together to prepare our students to be academically competitive with their peers worldwide and each of them will feel the love and commitment of our staff. Collectively, we will use each other as resources to create an exciting learning environment for our children and foster in them a thirst for knowledge that cannot be dampened by the social ills they confront each day.

Pre K-8

Dulles School of Excellence

6311 S. Calumet Ave.
Chicago , IL 60637

Enrollment: 575
A CPS Neighborhood School

Principal's Message


Greetings Parents and Families of Dulles School of Excellence

It is my privilege and honor that I introduce myself, Toyia D. Pullum, as the new principal of Dulles School of Excellence. I bring seventeen years of educational experience and have come up through the ranks in CPS as a school bus aide, CWA (Child Welfare Attendant), SECA (Special Education Classroom Assistant), classroom teacher, instructional coach and to my most recent administrative experience as Assistant Principal of Stagg School of Excellence. I am excited to bring my skills to Dulles and work alongside you as a partner in educating your child, and I am elated to join the community.

I believe that every child is worthy of the highest quality education in a safe and supportive environment, and I will work hard to ensure our students achieve their very best. To accomplish this goal, students will continue to receive social-emotional learning, common core based instruction as well as personalized instruction tailored to meet their varying instructional needs, learning styles, and interests.  I sincerely believe that students who attend Dulles School of Excellence will become well-rounded, college ready students prepared to excel in an ever-changing information age.

Toyia Pullum, Principal


Our Growth In

Steady, positive improvements in academic achievement, student engagement, and parent satisfaction are hallmarks of all AUSL-managed CPS schools. You will find reports for Dulles School of Excellence to the right.

Our History

Building on Our History to
Create a Culture of Excellence


Dulles School of Excellence is named in honor of John Foster Dulles (1888-1959). Dulles served as secretary of state from 1953 to 1959 under President Eisenhower. He was a significant figure in the early Cold War era, advocating an aggressive stance against communism and negotiating numerous treaties and alliances.

Dulles School of Excellence opened in 1962. The building was designed to keep the majority of the classrooms away from 63rd Street because of the elevated train tracks and heavy truck and car traffic. Only the gymnasium, cafeteria, and a few classrooms are on that side of the building.

To help ease overcrowding in the building, the school operated a 3-room Washington Park Branch in the nearby Washington Park Homes from the late 1960s until 1976, when enrollment had decreased enough that the branch was no longer needed.

The building contains 38 classrooms and serves over 650 students.


AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership) is a Chicago nonprofit school management organization that creates schools of excellence by developing highly effective teachers and transforming educational outcomes for students in the lowest performing schools.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) turned over management of Dulles School of Excellence to AUSL in 2009 as a turnaround school. Turning around a school is one approach that CPS uses to improve neighborhood schools that have been failing for many years. The transformation begins with the new leadership and teachers in the building to deliver effective instruction and the right climate and culture to the same neighborhood students.

AUSL is committed to to providing all AUSL students with a quality education to prepare them for college and career.

Staff List

Questions for Our Staff?

If you have any questions, the Dulles School of Excellence staff will be happy to assist you.


Fax: 773-535-6612


Toyia Pullum
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Kahinde Longmire
Assistant Principal
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Simone Hatchett
Pre-K (Room 101)
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Tiffany Smith
Pre-K (Room 103)
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Laverne Young
Kindergarten (Room 107)
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Elise Barnes
Kindergarten (Room 100)
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Jennifer Lampton
Kindergarten/1st Grade (Room 102)
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Shannon Jiamachello
1st Grade SS/ELA (Room 206)
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CJ Harris
1st Grade Science/Math (Room 204)

Lan Huynh
1st Grade (Room 202)
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Sheba Mack
2nd Grade (Room 203)
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Katie Cooper
2nd Grade SS/ELA (Room 201)
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Hannah Lee
2nd Grade Science/Math (Room 205)
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Jatia Pointer
3rd Grade Science/Math (Room 210)
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OIivia DeLaCruz
3rd Grade SS/ELA (Room 209)
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Casseita Conley-Sutton
3rd Grade Science/Math (Room 207)
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Krista Muhr
3rd Grade SS/ELA (Room 208)
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Tasha Dudley
4th Grade Science/Math (Room 217)
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Kellie Powell
4th Grade SS/ELA (Room 216)
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Kristin Kulhanek
4th Grade (Room 215)
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Clenthe Bridges
5th Grade Science/Math (Room 310)
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Deloris Alderson
5th Grade SS/ELA (Room 312)
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Tess Raser
6th Grade (Room 308)
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Aisha Sharrieff
8th Grade Science/Math (Room 301)
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Dr. Katina Tolbert-Cavitt
8th Grade SS/ELA (Room 300)
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Sabrina Alford
3rd/4th Grade Diverse Learning (Room 218)

Jennifer Coe
MS Science/Math Diverse Learning (Room 307)
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David Weathers
5th/6th Diverse Learning (Room 302)
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Katelyn Burke
MS SS/ELA Diverse Learning (Room 303)
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Ashley Doucette
Primary Diverse Learning (Room 108)
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Jessica Buie
Art (Room 214)
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Shontel Carrethers
Computer Lab
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Chasity Wilson
PE and Health

Lorenzo Underwood
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Support Staff

Michelle Crawford
Business Clerk
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Belinda Davis
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Gaylord Minett
Dean of Students (K-4)
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Sterling Williams
Dean of Students (5-8)
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Antonio Lenow
Security Supervisor
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Sherwin Jarvis
Security Officer
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Latonia Greenleaf
Security Officer
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Larry Underwood
Security Officer
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Raven Wilson
Security Officer

Nicole Ross
Social Worker

Anthony Wright
Social Worker

Mia Tyler
Social Worker

Zipporah Jones
Counselor/ Case Manager

Dr. Ruth Meyers

Starlanda Young
Physical Therapist

Betsy McGurk-Mensah
Occupational Therapist


Cassondra Rodriguez
Pre-K Teaching Assistant

Maxine Waller
Pre-K Teaching Assistant

Alexis Lynch
K-2nd Teaching Assistant

Enisha Chester
K-3rd Teaching Assistant

Tenesha Barner
K-3rd Teaching Assistant

Jeffrey Harris

Jessica Jackson

Kimmico Anderson

Tiara Williams

Rabashia Wright